Shaolin Digital is Still Updating This WordPress Website
on January 23, 2018

WordPress designer Richard Del Connor looking like Jim Morrison of The Doors.
Surfing the Internet was fun.

This is one of my first WordPress websites. I’m looking forward to it being easier.
I’ve been building websites since 1999. I started with Adobe PageMill and upgraded to Dreamweaver.  I learned CGI scripting and CSS…

Now I’m learning WordPress.  I’m frustrated at my design limitations without the plugins and widgets that I’m learning to build with.

I’m about to start experimenting with some other website building tools such as ELEMENTOR so I can do in WordPress what was my starting point in old fashioned HTML.  Building tables…

There are some advantages in the SEO integration of YEOST.  This forces me to clean up my pages and make them rank better individually.  Images also.  I am now prone to keep less images on my websites because they can be resized easier and I am going to make sure that all images have proper metadata.

Shaolin Digital will hopefully be more than me as soon as possible.  In the meantime, I have reluctantly resigned myself to being the WordPress web designer.  I have eight websites to launch and develop my skills:

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