Top Menu Shadow on Homepage Button on All Website Pages
on May 5, 2018

The Top Menu has:

  • Home
  • About
  • Blog
  • Contact

Those four pages.  That’s all.  They are listed sideways:

Home  |  About  |  Blog  |  Contact

With that second “Home” under the first “Home” which I can make the letters disappear but not the YELLOW BACKGROUND when selected in both “Home” positions…


I will go through the normal techniques to solve this after I review them again.  I’ve tried different themes…

I am avoiding the dump the entire website and start from scratch–because then I won’t have learned how to fix this problem if it ever happens again.


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American Zen is four Southern California rockers performing and recording the songs by The Hippy Coyote.

LEVEL 1 = Peace of Mind is the first album by American Zen.  This album starts the Buddhist Journey of American Zen with Coyote relocating his family to Salt Lake City, Utah.  So this Buddhist journey includes child raising, marriage, and surviving in a land where religion is a weapon.

Richard Del Connor produces albums by American Zen for Shaolin Records.