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Memorial Day Album

Camp Tehr Ohr (music sample)

by The Hippy Coyote
from the album: Memorial Day Album by American Zen

Am descent: Am - G - F


Desert wind -- rustles my tent
Reminding of the bullets spent
It's never quiet -- there's never peace
Gotta rest, calm my mind -- get some sleep
Thank about home -- I miss them so
Do they think of me? -- Do they know?

This nightmare I live within
Every day is fear, death, and mortal sin
I shake, I tremble -- or relax in a chill
That stiffens my heart -- again I must kill

Tomorrow the sun will rise again
Gotta think of something -- not about then
When I'll have breakfast with my friends
Hoping we're all still alive when the day ends

I'm writing home -- but what do I say?
The truth and tales will ruin their day
Gotta let them know -- I'm still alive and well
In Camp Tehr Ohr -- one step from Hell

The sun burns my eyes - the sand burns my feet
Through the soles of my combat boots
A desert scorpion seeks my shade
Death is my shadow -- in a land of no roots

Nothing grows here - hardly anything there
Why am I here? Why do I care?
The problems of this country -- are they really mine?
Am I solving any problems -- am I committing a crime?


Gotta finish my rounds -- can't understand what they're say
Gotta stop that barking dog -- giving my position away
As I toss a piece of granola bar -- the dog comes nearer
Another crumb for the dog -- diminishes our mutual fear

Crap! Don't follow me -- we're not friends
I just want to keep you quiet -- until my patrol ends
If I survive Oh Lord -- just get me home please!
I will spend the rest of my life on bended knees

Thankful to you Oh God -- please get me home
I don't want to die here -- with my friends, this dog -- or alone

Written 5-26-2014 by Coyote in his Toyota Tacoma covered wagon.



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