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Memorial Day Album

Memorial Day (music sample)

by The Hippy Coyote
from the album: Memorial Day Album by American Zen

Last night I laid in the back of my truck
Imagining our soldiers in tanks, jeeps and tents
In my homelessness - yeah - my life sucks!
But can I complain - thinking of their resentments?

It's Memorial Day -- It's Memorial Day

A chopper flies over - but they don't shoot
No bombs bursting with fear - keeping out of view I scoot
Being discovered by a policeman's badge
Telling me I can't sleep on the street
With only a few dollars to my name
Trying to get a shower every day or two - and a hamburger to eat

It's Memorial Day -- It's Memorial Day
Day of thanks -- for all those -- who gave their lives away

But is this so bad - compared to those
Who are bivouaced in the Middle East or on a boat?
I can choose to go the library and work
I can leave when someone - goes berserk

War sucks! War is stupid - War is a joke
Costing the lives of mostly innocent folk
No war is necessary - no war is right
No war makes killing people - a righteous fight

Will God be glad we couldn't talk it out
Will God be happy for all those we made sad
Will God reward us for each man or woman killed?
Who gets the credit - the soldier or the congressman on The Hill

If we pay someone, a soldier, to kill someone - are we innocent?
We never touched the gun - But it's all a huge financial conspiracy
Fooling people into believing there is an enemy
We must hurry up and kill - murder and burn
How can this be right? When will people learn?
Killing is not the answer - words accomplish more

It's Memorial Day -- It's Memorial Day
Thankful of those -- who gave their lives away

Written 5-26-2014 by Coyote in his Toyota Tacoma covered wagon.



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