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Memorial Day Album

Father To Son poem  (poem sample)

by The Hippy Coyote
from the album: Memorial Day Album by American Zen

I want to be like you
Serve my country--proud and true
Like you in the army--honoring our red, white and blue

I don't want this war for you
Your joining the army is an unnecessary sacrifice
Please, please my son, think twice

But you are a warrior of justice
You fought, you served
Gave them what they deserved

Violence is not justice
Those are lives--people with kids, moms and dads
One dea--leaves the others sad

We must protect the innocent
Our freedom doesn't come without a price
We protect the innocent with our sacrifice

In war--it is the innocents--who die
The destruction lasts for years
Even longer perhaps--the tears

Then you would let them take our freedom?
Give away our liberty?
Just let them take away our beloved country? Our right to be be free?

They cannot take what we do not own
And if the winner is the person with the biggest gun
Is that justice? Is that liberation?

They will take my life in slavery
Locked in a cage or living in fear
That would be a death--for that I give my bravery

I do not know that as a soldier I am free
I cannot leave--I cannot go where I want to go
It's more than a job--for kids without another opportunity

But you risk your life to protect mine
You've served our country in uniform
From Granada to Desert Storm

I want a world where death is not the price
We shouldn't have to shoot and bomb
Anyone--Believe me! War is wrong

Our strength gives us security
I know you would give your life for our democracy
Why are you dissuading me--not to join our military?

How much will you pay for security?

I will give my life to protect our family

I don't want you to sacrifice your life

Gladly I will protect--my country--my homeland

Perhaps the WORLD is our country--one planet upon which we stand

Then we'd have no enemies?

You could travel anywhere--do as you please

Then who would be our king--of everyone?

That is the problem: as humans seek control
We clutch too tightly--choking what is dear
In protection, revenge and security
Love transforms to fear

To be weak is to live in fear
Strength can protect peace

When power guards the weak
The power must be fed
Like a monster at our door
Today it may protect--but should it turn its head
How will those teeth know a friend from a foe?
And if we cannot feed it--where will it go?

You speak as if an army could turn on its own king
Loyalty and obedience will keep them serving right

You don't understand, this obedience is a job
When an army needs to eat--share: or they will rob
Although they live to kill--their will is to survive
Like any warm-blooded animal--they kill to stay alive

They are our hopes, the protectors of our dream
Soldiers are our heroes--we are on one team

Perhaps everyone--is a teammate and a brother
Perhaps each and everyone of us--came from the same mother
Perhaps we are the greatest--or dumbest apes of all
If we can use our creativity to kill anyone at all

It is only natural to use the weapons in our hand
Humans conquered the Earth and tamed this savage land
Our technology has improved our lives
Our weapons give us courage to protect our wives

England was our enemy--now they are our friend
We have fought Germany--that war came to an end
Every war ever fought--like a fire never begun: COULD BE STOPPED!
If we'd listen to each other--instead of speaking through our gun

Too late to change my mind--I enlisted yesterday
I thought you might prevent me--from doing it this way
I'm going to be a man--serve my country--proud and true
Someday you'll be proud of your son--you'll see what I can do

How can you be here? How can you be free?
I just received your letter--You're there--not here with me
Something chills my spine--the air is cold with chill
Am I dead or are you--over there still?

I love you dad--I hope you're glad
Your son who gave his life
I know you're sad--but it's not bad
I only regret I never had a wife

Oh my son, my son, my son
I love you--forever I will
Should I cry? In pain did you die?
Let me trade my life--it's me they should kill

My ears did not hear--My eyes did not see
What I thought was weakness--was your majesty
I did fight and I did shoot--I killed and I saw death
Never did I imagine such a Hell upon this planet
You told me not to fight--I thought you spoke in fear
Now I realize--you were protecting what was dear
All I sought to protect--now all is lost
Perhaps death is for everyone--too high a cost
Please forgive my arrogance--and my defiance of you
Only now with wings of Heaven--do I realize what is true
Life is too precious to take away or to kill
Love would have stopped the war--that brings all soldiers to this hill
Where there sacrifice is unheralded--and seems like a mistake
For I recognize here the others--whose lives I did take
As we all stare into nothing--for the something we once had
Our enemies are our friends--it was our leaders who were bad

I will see you soon--I should've got there first
By my being a soldier--now your life is cursed
Or maybe it is me--who now must suffer with this thirst
Between revenge and sorrow--Which one is the worst?
My heart beats out my chest--my mind wants to burst
I never dreamed the next time I saw you--would be in a Hearst

Dad don't cry--men don't cry--yet somehow I am too
Life is an apparition--I wish I was with you

You'll always be with me--in my heart and in my mind
Not a day does pass--when your memories I don't find
In places we did go--and things we used to do
Always and forever--I will think of you

The wind grows stronger--my eyes grow dark
This is probably the end--my soul here--cannot park
I'm sorry Dad--I did not listen--you were really right
There is no good in war--justice is not a fight

Written 5-26-2014 by Coyote in his Toyota Tacoma covered wagon, sometime after midnight, as Memorial Day began.



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