Screenshot of The Hippy Coyote playing flute.

American Zen is

The Hippy Coyote:  vocal, flute, acoustic guitar, songs, poetry
Rory G:  electric guitar, slide guitar, ukulele, analog synthesizer
Tom Calder:  bass guitar, Vox organ
Steve Hixon:  drums, percussion

The Hippy Coyote holding toddler daughter.
The Hippy Coyote daughter continues to distract her daddy.

American Zen was created in 1992 when The Hippy Coyote realized he was stranded in Utah.  Isolated from his relatives and friends and Los Angeles musicians… Coyote advertised with flyers on telephone polls and in music stores… and put together a band of Salt Lake City rockers.


album cover of LEVEL 1 Peace of Mind by American Zen
album cover: LEVEL 1

American Zen is on an 8-Level journey of spiritual enlightenment. From the survival of his family in Utah, portrayed in eleven songs and eleven poems, coyote shares his life experiments and experiences.


Join The Hippy Coyote as he swims the turbulent waters of life in search of God, Heaven, and human happiness. Never giving up and never losing sight of his artistic dreams Coyote is a rock and roll songwriter. His own original style of rock & roll sounds like a mixture of the 1960s bands he saw in concerts: The Animals, Jimmy Hendrix, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Quicksilver Messenger Service, the Kinks, and the Rolling Stones. Sometimes he sounds like the folk music of Donovan and sometimes an angry Beatle, John Lennon.