Working Musicians are Different from Artist Musicians

September 11, 2018

American Zen, The Hippy Coyote

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The Hippy Coyote of American Zen

I visited Flappers in Burbank tonight. A musician friend asked me to come jam with the band. He says they are a jazz band. Tonight they were unprepared, unrehearsed and… I just hung out and watched and listened and met

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4th of July in Compton is a Battle Zone

July 7, 2018

Richard Del Connor, The Hippy Coyote

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American Zen is for The Dogs

Wow… the most astounding fireworks of my life!  What an amazing 4th of July in Compton.  The fireworks had been going off nightly for several days.  It was obvious by the dozens of fireworks that the 4th would be amazing.

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“Cinco de Mayo” song by American Zen = Top Seller at Amazon

May 18, 2018

American Zen, Richard Del Connor, Shaolin Records, The Hippy Coyote

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THC The Hippy Coyote jamming.

This year’s “Cinco de Mayo” resulted in more sales of the song, “Cinco de Mayo” by American Zen. This song was recorded without any electrical instruments.  A couple acoustic guitars and lots of handclaps, finger snaps and a small tambourine

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Next American Zen Album is ???

May 14, 2018

American Zen, Rory G, Shaolin Records, Steve Hixon, The Hippy Coyote, Tom Calder

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Shaolin Records has a dilemma. What album should American Zen release next? No matter what we decide–it will be awesome and cool and amazing… but which amazing first? Hee-hee. Really.  I’m not sure. But it looks like it will be

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Top Menu Shadow on Homepage Button on All Website Pages

May 5, 2018

Richard Del Connor

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The Top Menu has: Home About Blog Contact Those four pages.  That’s all.  They are listed sideways: Home  |  About  |  Blog  |  Contact Home With that second “Home” under the first “Home” which I can make the letters disappear

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Weird Top Menu or Main Menu Problem in Different Themes

April 25, 2018

Richard Del Connor, Shaolin Records

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I meeting a web guru tomorrow at the Valley Economic Development thing where I get valuable information from business executives and attorneys.  It’s the same as the SBA, but fresher. The problem is in the “HOME” button in the top

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I’m Having Difficulties with Home Page

March 16, 2018

Richard Del Connor, Shaolin Records

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Perhaps I will come back and post the solution. I deleted a HOME page and when I recreated it, it created a “HOME” page but reinstalled the link to the original HOME page which doesn’t exist. So there are two

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Shaolin Digital is Still Updating This WordPress Website

January 23, 2018

Richard Del Connor, Shaolin Records

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This is one of my first WordPress websites. I’m looking forward to it being easier. I’ve been building websites since 1999. I started with Adobe PageMill and upgraded to Dreamweaver.  I learned CGI scripting and CSS… Now I’m learning WordPress. 

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